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CQP Crêpier 6-week professional certificate program (CQP)

The 6-week CQP Crêpier Professional Certificate Program is designed for candidates who are passionate about culinary arts and looking to change careers and for food professionals who want to improve and enhance their culinary proficiency.

CQP Crêpier 6-week professional certificate program (CQP)

The accelerated certificate course allows participants to attain professional-level crêpe-making qualifications and skills quickly .

At L’Atelier de la Crêpe, we keep our classes small so that participants receive personalized one-on-one instruction. Hands-on experience is essential for developing expert crêpe-making skills. Theory and discussion are part of the practical coursework so that concepts can be applied immediately in real-life restaurant kitchen situations.

CQP Crêpier 6-Week Professional Certificate Program Schedule

This full-time course is divided into two parts : 4 weeks of full-time classwork at the school followed by 2 weeks in a restaurant or creperie.

Target Audience

Restaurant/Creperie employees
Job seekers
Individuals seeking to enter the crêpe-making world
Career changers
Restaurant professionals

Course Format

210 hours/6 weeks
4 weeks in class, teaching kitchen, and teaching restaurant
2 week internship in a restaurant or creperie


Multiple Choice Exam
Ongoing in-class assessment
Juried final exam

CQP Crêpier 6-Week Professional Certificate Program

Objectives: CQP Crêpier6-Week Professional Certificate Program :

  • Introduction to the crêpe-making profession
  • Recipe preparation and skill development
  • Best workplace practices

After the 4-week intensive course, participants complete 2-week internships in restaurants/creperies where they can put into practice the theory and skills they’ve learned.

Given the small class size for each course session (10 maximum), we recommend applying at least three months prior to the start of the program.


The CQP Crêpier/6 Weeks Course is offered on the following dates in 2024 :

  • From 22th January to 1st March 2024
  • From 04th March to 12th April 2024
  • From 15th April to 24th May 2024
  • From 29th April to 07th June 2024
  • From 10th June to 19th July 2024

What Sets L’Atelier de la Crêpe Apart 

  • The CQP Crêpier Professional Certificate Program is an accredited program which delivers a diploma recognized by the ‘Registre National de la Certification Professionnelle Niveau IV’ in France.
  • Innovative modules and workshops
  • Real-world professional crêpe-making experienceand a global dimension via the Atelier de la Crêpe’s international network.
  • State-of-the-art facilities
    • 1 teaching kitchen equipped with the latest culinary and crêpe-making equipment
    • 1 teaching restaurant


The career opportunities for graduates include :

A wide variety of immediate job opportunities :
Our graduates find work right out of school.

– Careers in the crêpe world : commis chef, crêpe chef, artisan crêpe chef


Registration 50 euros
Course Expenses 3 250 euros*
Included Certidev certification fees 300 euros
Total 3 300 euros

Tuition financing is available to certain French resident and French national candidates through the OPCA and Pôle Emploi organizations.

Contact the school by phone at +33 (0) 2 23 17 41 07 or by email at: formation@ateliercrepe.com for any questions or additional information.

Details about the CQP Crêpier 6-Week Professional Certificate Program can also be found in the Program Overview:

Download the CQP Crêpier 6-Week Professional Certificate Program Overview