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The trainings have been tailor-made to meet everyone’s needs, from initiation to development.

Professional Culinary Programs

Cooking classes (general public)

L’Atelier de la Crêpe’s continuing education department offers full-time training programs to students, job seekers, food professionals, and companies.


Interested in enrolling in one of the Atelier de la Crêpe’s programs ? Find out which one is the right fit for your needs and career goals.


Once you’ve decided which program is best for you, here’s how to complete your application:

  • Fill out the application form below :
Download application form
  • Check with the school for space and availability in the selected program
  • If you will be receiving financing, check that the Atelier de la Crêpe is covered by your financial organization.

There are many financing options available to participants. Contact the school for more information by phone at +33 (0) 2 23 17 41 07 or by mail at : school@ateliercrepe.com.

Once you have confirmed course availability and financing options, request your application, tuition estimate and full curriculum from Atelier de la Crêpe.

Contact the school by phone at +33 (0) 2 23 17 41 07 or by email at: school@ateliercrepe.com for any questions or additional information.

Because of the limited number of places in each program (12 maximum), we recommend you apply at least 2 months prior to the beginning of the session.


Candidate applications are reviewed once the following have been received:

  • Completed application (with all supporting documents)
  • Written financing agreement from the designated financial provider

Once the application has been reviewed and these prerequisites have been met, an admissions interview will be set up (in person, by phone, or by video) to evaluate the candidate’s motivation for enrolling in the program.

Contact the school staff by phone at +33 (0) 2 23 17 41 07 or by email at: school@ateliercrepe.com for any questions or additional information.

Admissions Acceptance

After your application has been reviewed, an acceptance or rejection notice is sent out by mail or email.

If accepted, you will receive your registration convocation one week before the start of the program or course

In addition to training future crêpe chefs, L’Atelier de la Crêpe offers introductory crêpe and galette cooking classes for the general public.

Our cooking classes let participants indulge in a delicious moment of skill-building fun while learning how to make crêpes and galettes in our open kitchen .

All the passion and expertise of our chef-instructors have gone into the development of our cooking classes so that participants can enjoy the full experience of learning, exchanging, and making good food together.

Introduction to Crepes and Galettes Cooking Classes

The 4-hour Introduction to Crêpes and Galettes cooking classes are held every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm, and 3 pm to 7 pm. The small class size (8 to 12 people max) provides a casual, relaxed atmosphere that encourages lively exchanges between participants and chef-instructors.

What’s covered in the half-day workshop :

  • Presentation: L’Atelier de la Crêpe
  • Introduction to the world of crêpes and galettes
  • Explanation of key ingredients found in Breton cuisine
  • Galette and crêpe batter preparation
  • Sweet and savory fillings
  • Hands-on: Making your first galettes and crêpes on a billig (round cast-iron griddle)
  • Practice and honing your crêpe-making skills

At the end of the workshop, participants gather around the table to sample the galettes and crêpes they’ve made and enjoy them with a glass of traditional cider.

Amateur crêpe-makers leave class with a certificate, a souvenir booklet, and a special L’Atelier de la Crêpe gift.

L’Atelier de la Crêpe also organizes cooking classes and team-building workshops for companies and organizations. Learn more on our  « Events and Seminars » page.

Want to give someone a gift certificate for an Introduction to Crêpes and Galettes cooking class ? Go to our Gift Certificates page.

Contact the school by phone at +33 (0) 2 23 17 41 07 or by email at: school@ateliercrepe.com for any questions or additional information.

You can also reach us by filling out the Contact Form and selecting Cooking Classes.